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Excursion Essaouira

  • Excursion Essaouira
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UNESCO World heritage city.
2 hours 15 to 2 hours 30 min drive from Marrakesh. Taking the road in the direction of Agadir until the Chichaoua village; known for its sugar refineries which dates back to the 16 th century.
Essaouira also known as Mogador, a name given by the Portuguese who occupied the city in the 16 th century. Still some traces of this occupation are the mains monuments of Essaouira, like the Scalla and its cannons made in Barcelona, Spain.
It’s the Alaouite Sultan Mohamed Ben Abdullah who rebuilt the city in the 18 Th century .The designs were done by the architect Théodort Cornut, a French prisoner.
Mogador is an exceptional place that in 1949 inspired Orsen Welles to film the famous Shakespearian play Othello. Essaouira is also a city that Jimmy Hendrix and Cat Stevens made famous.
Essaouira is peaceful coastal city where the coastal marine breeze, the surfers, the calm, the blue-shuttered houses, the local paintings, the thuya woodwork, the fishing port and annual Gnawa music make your trip a real colourful discovery.

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