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Excursion Cascades of Ouzoud

  • Excursion Cascades of Ouzoud
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Ouzoud, in Berber ,it means the act of grinding grains. Presence of water mills confirm this explanation.
The biggest cascades in Morocco, it’s on the road to Azilal,
One of the best places to enjoy eating a Berber meal in front of the water falls, a peaceful place, where you will have the opportunity to see some atlas monkeys; The Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus), birds and caves.
You will also see:
The natural bridge Imin'Ifri :
This natural formation is not only formed as a bridge, but it also serves as a bridge. On both sides of the "bridge" a wild landscape both opens up and closes in. You will be close to geological formation of the stalagmites and stalactites The river runs smoothly between the rocks. Its force is so modest, that you cannot imagine how this could be the main reason why there is a gap right here.
Dinosaur footprints:
Dinosaur footprints are still preserved on the hardened clay surfaces. These prints belong to the herbivorous quadruped dinosaurs and the carnivorous bipeds as tridactyles. They testify to an era, where about 170 million years ago (Middle Jurassic) a rich and varied fauna of dinosaurs roamed the shores of lakes and beaches which formed the landscape of the Iwaridene region in the recent High Atlas Mountains.
08: 00 departure from Marrakech.
Driving across Demnate to Imin’Ifri then to the dinosaurs footprints.
Lunch in the cascades of Ouzoud
Visit of the cascades
Back to Marrakech by 17:00

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